Paradise Cove Resort Condominium Park

About Paradise Cove

Our Mission 
To sustain and maintain an active and attractive seasonal community.

Our Values
Family Friendly

  • Paradise Cove is a park that is welcoming, safe for and respectful of people of all ages and families at all stages of life.

Mutual Respect

  • Paradise Cove is a park where mutual respect for property, people, relationships and the atmosphere of the park is maintained.

Quality Value

  • Paradise Cove is a park that provides quality value as a seasonal community using competitive shared fees to provide well maintained facilities; common activity space in addition to the lake; and, community activities.

Waterfront Stewardship

  • Paradise Cove maintains waterfront access that adds value for all co-owners, particularly those with lake front views (the view being part of the value). Paradise Cove will provide access to the lake, balancing the investment of lake front owners with the value that lakefront access provides for all co-owners.

 Cautious Development

  • Paradise Cove values the park at its current size and common area utilization. Any development will always require careful consideration, co-owner input and identification of the positive contributions and the potential losses that will happen as a result of development.